Power Washing

Power washing is an important part of your home maintenance. Removing dirt, grime and mildew will improve the appearance and increase the longevity of your home. Our trained technicians will use the latest in power washing technology to make your home sparkle. We do it all! Siding, brick, roofs, walkways, driveways, patios and more!

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Gutter Cleaning

Dirty gutters full of leaves and other debris can wreak havoc on your home and if overlooked may cost you in structural damage and expensive repairs. Let the trained technicians at Refresh! take care of your gutters with our three-step process.

1. Hand remove and bag all debris from gutters

2. Pressure wash interior and exterior of gutters.

3. Ensure water is moving through gutters and downspouts.

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Deck Restoration

Over time the elements take their toll and can reduce the quality and life of your deck. That’s where Refresh! can help. Our four-step process will leave your deck looking brand new! You may select any of these steps or bundle them all together and save!

1. Clean - We use a low-pressure cleaning method to remove buildup.

2. Repair - We repair or replace any boards as needed.

3. Sand - We lightly sand the surface of your deck.

4. Stain - We stain your deck to protect the wood.


Seasonal Lights

Happy holidays! Are you tired of spending time every year untangling, testing and hanging your lights? If so, why not start a new tradition! Let the Refresh! trained technicians light up your home this holiday season.

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Trash Removal

We  will take care of all your junk removal & hauling needs, while taking the necessary steps to recycle or donate all the items we can. We will remove any and all types of junk or debris from either your home or place of business. Restrictions apply.